Spring Crazies

Along with the month of May comes the usual parade of end of year dance recitals, youth concerts, field trips, etc. We are gearing up for the onslaught. In addition, one of my mentors from the U.S. will be here in Sweden and then, of course, Mei-mei will be turning 5. The usually insanity is compounded by the fact that are looking forward to summer at home to Vermont so I will be scurrying to conduct as many interviews as possible before we leave. I intend to start data analysis and get a draft started/finished over the summer but there is a problem with that. Read on.

One of the things I can’t quite figure out about my work benefits is leave time. When I had my work orientation it blew my mid when I realized that if I take a sick day (or a day to care for a sick child) that 8 hours is supposed to come off of the number of hours I work over the course of the year. What work am I actually supposed to not do? I don’t get it. Likewise over the summer. I have quite a large number of vacation days that I will be using over the summer. Those 30-something paid vacation days should technically be work free. All of this does not compute. What would I do with my time if I were not writing, trying to make a dent in my “to read” pile, etc. etc?

In other spring news, let it be known that the Småland weather leaves much to be desired. Although the days have certainly lengthened, the temperature has nudged up only a bit. Today we may have hit 50 degrees and folks started running around in shorts and t-shirts as if summer was here. The weather is also completely erratic – one minute warm and sunny and the next minute windy, cloudy, cold and spitting sleet/snow. Folks swear that May and June are the best months in Växjö. Bring it!

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