Speaking Swedish, Valborg, Activities

This past weekend was the first in which Mei-mei and Jie-jie spontaneously played together in Swedish. They have been using Swedish with friends who don’t speak English for a few weeks and for the last week or so I’ve noticed that Mei-mei often uses Swedish intonation when speaking English but today was the first day that they spoke Swedish to each other as they played. Mei-mei seemed to be initiating the Swedish – her almost 5-year-old brain is a bit more flexible around language than her sister’s almost 7-year-old one.

We’re in day three of a de facto 4-day weekend. Tomorrow is May Day and tonight is Valborg. Technically today was a normal work day but the kids didn’t have lessons at school and it seemed that most folks made a holiday of it by going out to their summer homes. It’s also a big weekend for student parties and folks tend to grill and have bonfires. We aren’t going to make it to any bonfires tonight but we did have a great day. We spent the morning at home and in the neighborhood and then walked downtown in the afternoon. Our walk included stops at 5 different playgrounds as well as an afternoon snack of ice cream sundaes from the restaurant on the lakefront.  The weather is perfect today – sunny, temperature hitting the low 60s. We are so happy to have it after at least 2 weeks of either straight rain or weather that changes every 15 minutes. It wasn’t bad yesterday either.

The actual weekend was a bit busier than usual. Jie-jie was in Kulturskolan’s spring recital. Kulturskolan is a service offered through the city. They offer a wide array of classes: dance, drawing, any instrument you can think of, choir, drama, musical theatre. We have been very happy with the violin instruction and the cost is a fraction of what we pay in the U.S. Sunday was dance class. Since kulturskolan doesn’t offer ballet, we go to another cultural center for that – a center sponsored by one of the political parties here. In terms of the product, just like Kulturskolan the quality instruction is good, the facility is very nice, and the class is very inexpensive. After dansklass we went to the city library for fika (tea) with one of the kids’ friends. The library is very nice and they have a great play area for the kids.

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