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Culture Shock, College Edition

Today I gave my last lecture for the term. The class isn’t over quite yet but the rest of the lectures and seminars are being taught by other members of the teaching team. I will grade the final exams. The … Continue reading

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Whine. complain. grumble.

We’re having that spring weather (unbroken gray sky, wet, cold) that makes me wish that I lived in the tropics. It is supposed to be like this all week. My right ear is bugging me again. My ears have been … Continue reading

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Back to Växjö

We returned late this afternoon. I enjoyed day 2 of Prague. We went back to the main square and wandered over the Charles Bridge to the other side of the city. We headed up the hill to the Castle and … Continue reading

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We took the City Nightline from Amsterdam to Prague. There weren’t too many people headed to Prague so they just tacked a couple of extra sleeper cars on the Amsterdam to Berlin train and then, when we arrived there in … Continue reading

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Amsterdam, Finale

Day 2 in Amsterdam was a bit better. The sun was out and the wind died down. We decided to wander away from the center. Upon leaving the hotel I was immediately annoyed by the scene on the streets at … Continue reading

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When your daughter believes she is ugly

Just as I was feeling that I had sufficiently navigated the parenting obstacles set before me for the day, my 6.5 year-old Jie-jie dropped a bomb on me. After dinner we came back to the room and the kids had … Continue reading

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Amsterdam in a little too much detail

The overnight train was fine. The kids love “hotel on the train” and tend to sleep pretty well even though Jason and I don’t sleep wonderfully because we are terrified they are somehow going to slither out of the top … Continue reading

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This week is påsklov (Easter break). We’ve been home up to this point on account of work, Swedish for Immigrants obligations, and the fact that we have been running around quite a bit and thought it might be nice to … Continue reading

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The apologetic American

Yesterday when I was talking about how we are happy that are children are in a school with lots of other immigrants, I glossed over something. I wrote: “kids are from Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Mexico and Gambia, to name … Continue reading

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Settled in School

About a month ago we moved the kids to a new school – our conventional Swedish neighborhood school. That was a great move. The kids are doing wonderfully. Jie-jie is in Class 1 where most of the  kids are 7 … Continue reading

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