Sweet tooth in Sweden

With less than a month and a half before a glorious summer in Vermont, I am beginning to realize that I have done a poor job talking about things that are different and interesting here in Växjö, Småland, Sweden. Sorry. Some of it is that life in many ways is just so darn ordinary…

One EXTRAordinary thing about Sweden is the candy. There is candy everywhere here. Pretty much every grocery and convenience store, gas station and video store offers a diverse assortment of packaged candy and a bulk candy section. This is not highbrow candy, mind you. No Champlain Chocolate here. Instead it consists of loads of assorted gummies, jellies and licorice. My personal favorite candy assortment is located at the local videostore, Hemmakväll (which means “night in”). Here it is:

They’ve got 2X2-inch square patties of red licorice that I could eat all day. They have sour gummies. They have these candy cream filled strawberry, apple, watermelon and blue raspberry licorice ropes (think a less sweet version of the cream from cowtails).

Who eats all this candy? Well, it seems to me to be the adults! At the grocery store as they are getting groceries to make their kids a healthy dinner parents are filling up bags of candy to have in their pocket and snack on. Often the person sitting across from me on the train between Malmö and Växjö will pull out a bag of candy to munch on during the ride. I was sorely tempted to stop in on the way home from work today but I resisted. I have decided that I am allowed to get a sour filled strawberry licorice rope one work-afternoon a week. If we are going to stay in to watch a movie on the weekend, we can get a small bag of candy as well. But that is it.

Our neighbors lived in Australia for several months and they said that the candy was the thing from home that they missed most. No kidding!

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