Taste of Sweden: Pizza

Perhaps there are already some very nice blogs and coffee table books that showcase pizzas of the world. If not, there ought to be. Perhaps when I have completed my own project on old doors and old door hardware, I will move on to the international phenomenon of pizza. Until then, we’ll just take it as it comes.

As I wrote shortly after our arrival here in Växjö, this city has loads of pizza/falafel places. These are usually the same establishments – small places run  by immigrants from  various Middle Eastern countries. The menu features falafel, kebab, sometimes salads and pizza in the typical flavors: ham, and olive; banana, pepper and mushroom; tunafish and tomato with lettuce and bearnaise sauce added after baking). Furthermore, a new fusion is also available – the falafel (or kebab for the meat-eaters) pizza. What is a falafel pizza, you ask? It is exactly what it sounds like:

Notice also that the pizza is not sliced. That is typical here. People usually order a pizza each and eat them with a fork and knife. After polishing off this pizza during lunch one Saturday, Jason did not eat again until the next day!

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