Kronoberg Castle Ruins

We rented a car to get to Astrid Lindgrens Värld and had the car for an additional day upon our return to Växjö. Although I can’t say that I have missed being without a vehicle for the past 5 months, it did feel really great to have a car for a few days. Tack on the fact that we were driving a brand new Volvo V70 and it was bliss. We were actually sad to return the car.

Since we had a car for a day and our friends were visiting (they drove down from Stockholm), we decided to push the boundaries of our experience of Växjö. So, we drove 10 minutes north to 500-year-old Kronobergs slottsruin (Kronoberg Castle Ruins). The Castle was lively because a scouting troop (Scouts are co-ed by the way) was camping outside the castle walls. There were folks dressed in period attire at different work stations teaching the kids to make candles, mold and fire clay, etc, etc. You can wander around the ruins freely. In addition, the ruins are on a lovely lake. The shoreline was filled with picnickers, etc.

Summer day camps are offered at the castle ruins. How cool would that be?!

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