Crazy Wonderful

Moving on to the weekend portion of a crazy week. I had a great week at work: two very productive days of field work in Malmö; Jeff Alexander, with whom I worked last year, and Rick Fantasia were both on campus Wednesday and Thursday. They each gave an interesting talk. Alexander spoke on Europe’s turn from multiculturalism. Fantasia shared some of his research on the French culinary landscape – a bourdieusian field analysis of French gastronomy. I loved the talks and of course there were also loads of meals, receptions and general opportunities for spending time with Jeff, Rick and many of my favorite Swedish sociologists. I was a both melancholy and tired this morning when I awoke to my normal life.

The weekend also promises to be full and enjoyable. Tomorrow is Mei-mei’s 5th birthday. We just set up her gifts for when she wakes up. Later in the morning we will head to Vårstad (Spring culture fest) downtown. In the afternoon we will come home to prep the birthday party – sushi on the lawn and with friends. Sunday will be another busy day as Jie-jie has her end of the year ballet recital.

The weather has been perfect since last Saturday – sunny, dry, temperature in the mid-70s to 80s. On top of that the sun is up by 4 am and it isn’t dark until 11 pm. After the long dark of winter and the cold wet of spring, a day that almost never ends is just the thing!

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