The limits of US authority

I was disturbed by an article I read this morning:

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My understanding of the situation is that the FBI arrested an Eritrean-born man in Nigeria. This man had been or was a legal resident of Sweden. He was suspected of having been trained in revolutionary tactics by Al Shabab, an organization aligned with al-Qaeda. He was questioned using the shady legal practices that our folks tend to use outside of the country and when dealing with non-citizens. Then he was brought to New York and tried. He pled guilty and will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

So, here is my question. What justifies US involvement in this case? He is not a citizen or resident of the US. He was operating in Africa. He has ties to Sweden and Eritrea. WHy not let the ICC, EU, Sweden or African Union deal with him?

What am I missing? I must be missing some rationale, logical or otherwise, for the use of our (inter)national security, judiciary and political resources on this case. From where I am sitting it just looks crazy.

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