The High Life Again

Our summer routine is definitely in full swing. Here is how it is for the next few weeks:

6:30-ish As my parents used to say, “Up and at ’em.” I always wondered who Adam was. Walk the dog.

8:30 – ish Morning delivery of children to various summer camp activities (gymnastics, nature camp or dance camp depending on the child and the week). I go in to work. A wonderful co-working space, Local 64, is available here in Montpelier. I have joined for the next month and am so excited about working there. Today I finished up revisions on an article so tomorrow I will split my work time between Malmö interview analysis and the blog to book project.

12 Pick up Mei-mei and bring her home for lunch.Do a couple hours of gardening, housework, work, hammock-lounging and/or hanging with the kid who may or may not have a friend over.

2-ish Ride bike with tagalong cycle to the swimming pool. Jason rides to pick up Jie-jie and they joins us at the pool.

4:15 Head home and relax/prepare dinner.

6:30-ish Dinner, generally with friends/neighbors.

8:00 – 9:30 Realize that we have lost track of the time. Get the kids to bed. Walk the dog.

9:30 Pack lunches and snacks for tomorrow.

10:30 Blog, email, read.

11:00 Bed.

Tough life, right?

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