Real Multiculturalism

Looking for a fun time in Denver this August? What could be better than stopping by my session in the 2012 American Sociological Association Annual Meeting?

Sun, Aug 19 – 8:30am – 10:10am
Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities Invited Session: Real Multiculturalism

Session Organizer: Andrea Voyer (Linnaeus University)
Session Organizer: Luisa Farah Schwartzman (University of Toronto)
Presider: Andrea Voyer (Linnaeus University)
Panelist: David G. Embrick (Loyola University-Chicago)
Panelist: Nora Hui-Jung Kim (University of Mary Washington)
Panelist: Anna C. Korteweg (University of Toronto)
Panelist: Tianna Shonta Paschel (University of California-Berkeley)
Discussant: Irene H.I. Bloemraad (University of California-Berkeley)

This session will bring together sociologists whose work contributes to a greater understanding of the way in which the multicultural ideals become instantiated as real multicultural utopias. Included papers consider “on-the-ground” multicultural projects in a variety of social and national contexts and from the perspective of a variety of actors- policy makers, administrators, pro-multiculturalism and anti-multiculturalism individuals and organizations, minority groups and individuals, and majority individuals encountering and engaging diverse others. The papers will document disparate topics related to the pursuit of multicultural utopias: the scope of existing multicultural utopias and consideration of those that have yet to be imagined; the nature and establishment of the expanding boundaries of social belonging; the deployment of moral, legal and political discourses in pursuit of emancipatory goals; and the social struggles resulting from conflicting movements for and against building multicultural societies.

See you there!

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