Busy, Bicycle Tires

Sorry. Between getting back to Sweden, back to work, back to Swedish lessons, back to research and back to the job market, my time for blogging is minimal. But have no fear. I have quite a number of post topics in the queue – party compromise versus cult of personality politics; an insiders’ experience with “socialized” medicine; language acquisition. It will come… eventually.

What I want to talk about in brief today, however, is what I refer to as my immigrant moments – those times when your cultural dislocation leaves you completely incapacitated.

For example, you need to add air to your bicycle tires and cannot figure out how to do it on account of the fact that the valves in Sweden are something you have not seen before. You have to take your bike to the shop, cheeks burning with embarrassment, and have them demonstrate. Even then you can’t seem to get it right so you have to go back in and ask them to come out and do it for you.

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