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Football weather, Swedish-style

It is a rainy, cool and gray day here in Växjö and the weekend is promising to be about the same. It is the kind of day that makes you want to wear wool socks and a sweater or comfy … Continue reading

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Cold Fish or Friendly Strangers?

I could point you to many sources that support my claim that Swedes have the reputation of being cold and stand-offish. When I arrived, I had already heard the rumors, and I certainly developed an understanding of why they exist. … Continue reading

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Dispatch from the office, Swedish edition

One of the challenges about working in Sweden (or at least here at this University) is that many people are not very comfortable speaking English, most of the paperwork and online information systems are exclusively in Swedish, grant applications, talks … Continue reading

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Comparative Multiculturalism Research Network

After a great session at ASA 2012, several people talked increasing communication among people studying multiculturalism. I finally get the first step off the ground. The Comparative Multiculturalisms listserve: A listserve for those studying multicultural projects in a variety of social … Continue reading

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Just another nerdy sociologist-parent

Life is absolutely crazy right now. So much so that I am actually looking forward to hibernating a bit during the dark deep of winter. I am absolutely loving work. I have so many things going on – an article … Continue reading

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