Football weather, Swedish-style

It is a rainy, cool and gray day here in Växjö and the weekend is promising to be about the same. It is the kind of day that makes you want to wear wool socks and a sweater or comfy sweatshirt and lay down on the sofa with a football game on the television so you can sleep through the end of the second and the entire third quarter.

I have on my wool socks and sweater but since we have no television and it is Friday and I am in Sweden the whole napping through football thing isn’t going to happen. Instead, we are collecting the kids at school a bit early and heading up to Stockholm to spend the weekend with friends. Although getting to the train station in heavy rain with 2 kids and our bags will not be that fun, this is also great train weather. We’use the 3 hour ride to nap, snack and watch the Lorax on DVD. We’ll spend the weekend hanging out, cooking and drinking wine while the 5 kids tear around. Jason will be staying up there for some meeting in Uppsala but the kids and I will get back on Sunday just in time to shower and make the pot of stew we’ll eat for dinner all week.

A great way to spend a cold and wet autumn weekend.

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