Upcoming special issue of Ethnography

Way back in late 2012/early 2013, my colleague Mats Trondman and I floated an idea to Paul Willis, who, at the time, was editor of Ethnography. We proposed a special issue engaging Isaac Reed’s book, Interpretation and Social Knowledge. The issue, called “Between Theory and Social Reality in Ethnography”, would consist of several shorter articles in which ethnographers employed their ethnographic material to comment on a topic that arose in their reading of Reed’s book.

We pulled together a great slate of contributors:

The contributors wrote amazing pieces that cover a range of topics, including reflexivity in ethnography, establishing the phenomenon, the role of language and other meaning systems in ethnographic work, normativity, and methodological individualism.

Finally, finally, we are in the final stages of publication of this wonderful project, and I have the page proofs to prove it.

ethComing soon to a digital service near you.  Don’t miss it!

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