On anti-democratic democrats

on 11/4, this post was composed and shared on Facebook.

I’ve been quiet on politics for months and will resume my silent observation of this unfolding disaster after this diatribe: If Donald Trump wins, I hold the democratic party establishment and its loyalists singularly responsible for his victory. From the beginning it was clear that at best a Hillary Clinton presidency was going to face debilitating lawsuits resulting from decades of political entanglements. “Shut up and fall in line” was the refrain when we pointed out that Bernie was polling better against Trump. “Pipe down. You’re just looking to cause trouble” came the response when it was pointed out that Hillary’s strongholds were in “red states” (which is why there is a strong possibility she will win the popular vote but lose the electoral college). Other establishment candidates with cleaner records cleared the field for Hillary. The DNC actively thwarted Bernie’s chances. On the democratic side, there has been little democracy in the presidential contest. As a result, we are faced with a dangerous Republican candidate who represents all the basest elements of conservative populism and a militaristic, right-of-center career politician surrounded by a closed cadre of bureaucrats who evince the basest elements of corruption, insider dealing, and pay-to-play politics. So many of us, disheartened by what we have learned about our failing democracy, quietly fell in line and kept our heads down, hoping that our misgivings about Clinton’s likely defeat are wrong, and praying that we can use her time in office to push for reforms that reinstate truly democratic politics. With dread, I see even that meager hope for a more democratic future fading. To figure out why, we need look no further than the democratic party’s despicable anti-democratic operation.

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