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Reminder: Join Us to Create a Blog Book

You are invited Hello, Check out the Blog Book we created for Vermont2China. Please view my sample book! If you have any questions, please contact the SharedBook™ Customer Service Team through the web interface at or at 1-888-212-3121.

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Blog Book

  Check out the Blog Book we created for Vermont2China.

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My Last Post…In Memory of Dave Blumenthal

This will be my final post on the Vermont2China blog. I have very much enjoyed posting with Andrea, and sharing our cultural experiences and my thoughts on environmental law and policy. Our trip to China changed me in so many … Continue reading

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Final Thoughts

While I won’t be posting regularly from this point forward, I thought I’d share some initial thoughts about my return home from Guangzhou, China to Montpelier, Vermont. Environment: What is most striking about coming home is our natural and physical … Continue reading

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Green Litigation in China

Aiming to use lawsuits more effectively to fight pollution and protect workers, Vermont Law School’s U.S.-China Partnership for Environmental Law has received a $1.5 million federal grant to establish China’s first public interest environmental law firm and expand a university-based … Continue reading

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Back in Vermont

We’re back in VT. It’s very late and we’re very tired.

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Last Day

Well, today was our last day in China, and I don’t think I’ll be able fully process this experience and these final days until I’ve returned to the U.S. I’m certain this experience will change my teaching and it has … Continue reading

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