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Out with the old

The New York Times is covering the leveling of another historic district of Beijing. Read the article here. As I read this I noted the disdain for Chinese-style urban redevelopment, the recognition that the Chinese living in the old housing … Continue reading

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The next generation peasant worker

Migrant workers in the U.S. are most frequently not US citizens and, sometimes, not legal residents, migrant workers in China, however, are typically “rural” Chinese working in less well-paying and less desirable positions in the cities of the PRC. One … Continue reading

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More violence in schools

Today there was yet another incident in which an adult male walked into a Chinese elementary or preschool and attacked students – the 5th attack in less than 2 months. Here is a link to the Times coverage: Naturally, … Continue reading

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Why Copenhagen Failed?

This is a fascinating article describing why the Copenhagen Climate Conference failed to produce a binding legal international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The reasons include Chinese obstructionism, U.S. domestic politics and its own desire for economic prosperity, the … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

The New York Times is up in Shanghai for the World Expo. They’ve put up a >slide show of bad sign translations. There are some good ones in there. In my opinion, however, nothing that trumps these: 1 2 3.

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On guns

Sometimes it seems like China and the U.S. are worlds apart and sometimes, not so much. Reading of the string of knife-wielding crazies walking into kindergartens and elementary schools in China is terrifying. Here is a link: At the … Continue reading

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There is a story about Sanya (Hainan Province) in the New York Times today: We went to Sanya when our friends from Sweden came down for a visit. It was a nice trip, not crowded, sunnny and warm, etc. … Continue reading

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