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Reef Madness

I recently picked up Reef Madness: Charles Darwin, Alexander Agassiz, and the Meaning of Coral – a book written by my friend, David Dobbs. Reef Madness is biography, depiction of natural scientific fieldwork, and history of science all in one engaging … Continue reading

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Remember me, Sue?

Sue Duncan is one of my most important people. In addition to changing the lives of hundreds (even thousands) of poor African-American kids on the Southside of Chicago, she changed the lives of many, many University of Chicago students who, … Continue reading

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Football weather, Swedish-style

It is a rainy, cool and gray day here in Växjö and the weekend is promising to be about the same. It is the kind of day that makes you want to wear wool socks and a sweater or comfy … Continue reading

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Sommarlov, Vermont edition

Our trip to Montpelier went smoothly. When we exited the airport early Wednesday evening, it was quite warm (about 27 degrees C/low 80s F) and sunny. Everything smelled warm, green and growing. When we got home, we found that 2 … Continue reading

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Last call, A Defiant Dude

Indulge in me in one more post about the kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a documentary about my friend Bo’s legal battle with chick-fil-a. Bo and documentary director James Lantz have 3 days to raise the last 10,000 dollars … Continue reading

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School and Work

Sorry for the silence. It has been a busy. Over the next few weeks I will be making good on all of the promises I made in the forms of speaking engagements and abstracts of unwritten papers. On Wednesday night … Continue reading

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New macbook in my possession, I joined my family for the 3.5 hours trip to Stockholm. We took the train. Now we are here at the home of some of our best friends. It feels a bit strange that we … Continue reading

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Dinner party

Tonight we are having friends over for dinner – our first dinner party and our first guests of any kind except for the folks downstairs. Although the apartment is still a little bare in terms of accoutrements, I think we … Continue reading

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我们没有时间了 (no time)

Our schedule is officially full. When we were planning the trip is felt like 2 weeks in Guangzhou was going to be plenty of time. As it turns out, we have blocked out all our time for lectures, meetings and … Continue reading

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The craziness has arrived. Since Mei-mei’s birthday last week we have been out straight with social engagements, school happenings, etc. Wednesday was the birthday. Thursday night we went with a friend to dinner at Tai Lai, a really good vegetarian … Continue reading

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