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Remember me, Sue?

Sue Duncan is one of my most important people. In addition to changing the lives of hundreds (even thousands) of poor African-American kids on the Southside of Chicago, she changed the lives of many, many University of Chicago students who, … Continue reading

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Sweden’s National Health Care

When I am talking to friends and family from home I am frequently asked about Sweden’s national health care. We haven’t had much interaction with the medical system yet but here is the skinny so far: Kids get free dental … Continue reading

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Word of the day vattkoppor (chicken pox)

My older child got the varicella vaccine. By the time the second child came around, however, I had developed a healthy (pun intended) level of skepticism regarding medicine. My theory is that bodies are mostly closed systems that should mostly … Continue reading

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Kowloon State of Mind

We made it to Hong Kong. Given how poorly 3 out of 4 of us were feeling, I was tempted to push our trip back one day. In the end we decided that we would give the kids a full … Continue reading

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Out with a whimper

Well… we were off to a great start but we have kind of fizzled out here in Guangzhou. Jie-jie, mei-mei and I are all feeling under the weather so we ended up canceling our plans last night (dinner with mei-mei’s … Continue reading

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A cold snap

We are in a cold snap here in Guangzhou – breezy and temperature in the mid-70s (high 50 at night). Its supposed to last through tomorrow night and then back to the high 80s and 60s at night. I wore … Continue reading

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