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It’s Always Xmas in Beijing!

Beijing is the place for folks who keep Christmas music on their ipods all year long. As I don’t celebrate Christmas, I am not one of those people. I do, however, associate the ubiquitous holiday music with the same wonderful … Continue reading

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1. Things I miss: being literate, clean air, blending in, pedestrian right-of-way 2. Things I like about Beijing: the people are friendly, everyone dresses casually, they like the music of the Carpenters as much as I do, appreciation for and … Continue reading

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What’s more popular than the Great Wall? My daughter’s blond hair.

8.23. On Sunday we made a early morning trip to Beihai Park, a beautiful park with a white pagoda in central Beijing. The highlight was that locals asked Andrea and I to participate in a morning exercise that involved slow … Continue reading

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“It’s hard to move to the other side of the world…”

…that’s the new slogan. The kids are still trying to get over major jetlag but we’ve managed to get them to bed early tonight. Today we went to the China Puppet Theater so the kids could see 喜洋洋和灰太狼 (Pleasant Goat … Continue reading

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Ming Tombs, Great Wall, and Beijing Duck

Since we can post by email now (though still trying to learn how to upload photos in light of the Great Firewall of China), I can report that we spent WAY TOO LONG a day going to the Ming Tombs … Continue reading

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Blogging from China via Email

Can we blog via email? If you see this post, it means we can (even if we can’t access the webpage itself).

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Arrived in Beijing

8/19. Traveling on a plane with kids and taking a 24-hour trip to China is about as fun as you’d expect. So I’ll skip that part. We’ve arrived safely in Beijing. After a short delay, we were met by car … Continue reading

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