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Morning fruit

One of the best things about Montpelier, Vermont is the fact that I can walk into the State House to attend a bill hearing and, armed with an opinion and some data, help shape the way governance happens in Vermont. … Continue reading

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Newtown, Anytown USA

Twenty children and seven adults kids gunned down by a developmentally disabled kid who acquired access to his mom’s legally purchased assault weapons. He had hundreds of rounds on him so, in addition to acts of heroism on the part … Continue reading

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Hösten i Sverige

Back to Sweden. We’ve been here about 52 hours and have slept for approximately 26 of those. It’s nice to be back and see our friends. The kids wanted to go straight back to school our first day back (school … Continue reading

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Things are crazy as I prepare for the upcoming annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, pull together job applications, get set for our return to Sweden, and plan and prep for the home remodeling that is taking place while … Continue reading

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Summer’s death throes

I have returned from a wonderful week spent on Peaks Island with family. Sometime during that week August arrived and already I see that my summer is drawing to a close. What had earlier been relatively unmolested writing time is … Continue reading

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The perfect raspberry

You know, how, when you are out in the yard picking raspberries and you see an absolutely perfect raspberry – plump, deep red and so ripe that it is beginning to let go of its stem and you reach for … Continue reading

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The other day I had this exchange with almost 7 year old Jie-jie. “Mom, can I ask you something?” “Sure thing.” “Do I have a doppelganger?” “Do you have a doppelganger?” “Yeah. A lot of my friends have doppelgangers. For … Continue reading

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