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New York Schools, our journey from PS 397 to PS 150

How better to catch you up on life than beginning with the one thing that everyone with even a little experience of New York told us would be an all-consuming issue for our family: schooling for the kids. The New … Continue reading

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Today I am THAT parent

Dear (Teachers), Thank you for the hard work you do teaching our child… An issue arose when she was working on the heritage assignment due Friday. I wanted to let you know about this issue so (child) is not penalized … Continue reading

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Morning fruit

One of the best things about Montpelier, Vermont is the fact that I can walk into the State House to attend a bill hearing and, armed with an opinion and some data, help shape the way governance happens in Vermont. … Continue reading

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Newtown, Anytown USA

Twenty children and seven adults kids gunned down by a developmentally disabled kid who acquired access to his mom’s legally purchased assault weapons. He had hundreds of rounds on him so, in addition to acts of heroism on the part … Continue reading

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Remember me, Sue?

Sue Duncan is one of my most important people. In addition to changing the lives of hundreds (even thousands) of poor African-American kids on the Southside of Chicago, she changed the lives of many, many University of Chicago students who, … Continue reading

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Last day of school, korv (hot dog), and fikakorg (picnic basket)

Jie-jie’s skolavslutning was this morning. For the last few weeks we have  been receiving increasingly detailed notes about the end-of-the-year festivities. The most recent one arrived last week. I didn’t bother typing the announcement into google translate because it seemed … Continue reading

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High School Graduation and Economic Independence, Swedish edition

Today we attended a graduation party for our friends’ daughter. Graduation seems to be a  big deal here in Sweden. Here is what I know about it: It used to be that students did not know if there were going … Continue reading

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