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Why read Great Books?

It is not surprising that sociologists like to talk books. In the last few months various sociologists have offered their accountings of the most important, inspiring and/or foundational books in the field (or over the past year, decade, etc). You’ll … Continue reading

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Student success and the possibility of failure

It was a strange day at work. I’ve written before about having a recent immigrant student who seems to be more lost than I am. I am happy to report that I presented him with loads of hoops to jump … Continue reading

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Blame it on The Game Of Thrones and a World without Borders

Sorry for the silence. I downloaded the ┬ákindle version of the first 4 books of Game of Thrones. As explained previously, I like to binge when it comes to reading for pleasure. I have a pile of more than 20 … Continue reading

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Culture Shock, College Edition

Today I gave my last lecture for the term. The class isn’t over quite yet but the rest of the lectures and seminars are being taught by other members of the teaching team. I will grade the final exams. The … Continue reading

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Academic Freedom

Something else I forget to mention from yesterday… I learned that the last time an invited guest from the US came to speak to students in the general education classes in American Culture, the instructor was brought into the regional … Continue reading

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3 things

My inclination is to start winding things down here in anticipation of our June departure. Yet, things are just starting to pick-up. Jason has had a very busy April. He is always in demand during earth month. Now we are … Continue reading

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Cultural Sociology Seminar

I am really enjoying my graduate students. We are a small group, just 5 regular students with a visitor or 2 most weeks. I started the semester with Phil Smith’s Cultural Theory, and the students have acquired their own copies. … Continue reading

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Not too bad

For all my grumbling, I think the seminar went pretty well. I learned a few things: 1. When dealing with the language barrier, it’s easier to read sociological work than to talk sociology. So, I think I can expect more … Continue reading

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