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The Year in Candy

Being the studious type, when I was pregnant with Jie-jie I read my way through the pregnancy, childbirth, and child development sections of the Public Library. I read somewhere (Sears and Sears, The Baby Book, I think) that if during pregnancy and … Continue reading

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This New York Life

Many years ago I took a trip to Paris to visit my brother. When I was visiting the Louvre, I came across a school field-trip – about twenty 5- or 6-year-olds. There were doing a scavenger hunt, looking for objects … Continue reading

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New York Schools, our journey from PS 397 to PS 150

How better to catch you up on life than beginning with the one thing that everyone with even a little experience of New York told us would be an all-consuming issue for our family: schooling for the kids. The New … Continue reading

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Today I am THAT parent

Dear (Teachers), Thank you for the hard work you do teaching our child… An issue arose when she was working on the heritage assignment due Friday. I wanted to let you know about this issue so (child) is not penalized … Continue reading

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The return of the fruit bowl

When we arrived at our new apartment in Sweden, we were welcomed by a houseplant and a bowl of fruit – oranges, apples, bananas and a pineapple in a simple, shallow wooden bowl. I would say that, of all the … Continue reading

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Living Class

I have spoken before about our decision to not celebrate Christmas. When I last wrote about it 16 months ago, I was on the verge of something: This year Jie-jie has again been saying that she wanted to celebrate Christmas … Continue reading

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Rethinking death

I am areligous, but that doesn’t mean that I am an absolute relativist. It doesn’t mean that I don’t value life and truth and hope and the reality of suffering and the virtue of delivering people from it.  It does … Continue reading

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