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the opposite of cabin fever

You remember when summer finally arrived in Vermont and I would joke that it was the beginning of one really long summer? I think I only half-believed it…. Forecast for Guangzhou, China 10-Day Forecast High / Low (°F) Precip. % … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

Jason and I enjoy collecting photographs of signs with particularly amusing translations of Chinese into English. I will begin to post them here from time to time. Here are your first two. Incidentally, we also get a good many laughs … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Today is Sunday but you wouldn’t know it. In anticipation of the week-long national holiday coming up, this Sunday and the Sunday two weeks from today are work/school days. We gave Jie-jie the option of staying home but she preferred … Continue reading

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A Busy Week…

While we live on the old, beautiful, tree-laden south campus, I teach classes on the new and sprawling east campus of Sun Yat-sen University. There are far more students than the old campuses can handle, so a large island, formerly … Continue reading

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Jie-Jie spent the afternoon in kindergarten and will start in earnest tomorrow. She was withdrawn at first but relaxed a bit after about 3o minutes. I was able to leave her in the classroom for the remainder of the school … Continue reading

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Why cell phones are better in China..

Today’s random thoughts: 1. Why Cell Phones are Better in China (and Asia)….There are no contracts. First you pick your favorite phone. I bought the $30 cheap one but you can get the fancy Treo or Blackberry if you want. … Continue reading

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Dong Shan Hu Park

Yesterday was a busy day…we took our older daughter for her health check so she can go to the kindergarten on campus, we took the kids to the park on campus, we found used bookstore on campus (very cheap and … Continue reading

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another great morning

I had an outing without kids in tow! I went with some friends to the Pearl Market – actually a misnomer because they also have amber, jade, all manner of gem and glass beads, etc. I didn’t buy anything but … Continue reading

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An Exceedingly Productive Day

1. Jie-Jie’s school-mandated health check. 2. Set-up wireless router. 3. Walk to west campus for playground incidentally locating barbershop, used book store (lonely planet guide to HK& Macau, Lonely planet guide to southeast asia, pocket oxford english-chinese dictionary, a couple … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Observations

1. I had the idea that things were inexpensive in China. It turns out that is an oversimplification. Without a doubt there is a lot of cheap stuff available here, but for the most part, these things fall into the … Continue reading

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