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Plan 5 days in Sweden for the Frugal Traveler

Check this out!

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The meaning of Swedishness

As I wrote earlier, ethno-cultural Swedishness appears to be protected from visibility and discussion by an emphasis on social membership as conceived in procedural terms (you vote, you work, you pay your taxes, you use the services you help pay … Continue reading

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Marriage Equality, Public Opinion and the Power of the President

When I first heard the news that Obama had finally come out in favor of gay marriage, I felt neither the euphoria nor the surprise that prompted such widespread public discussion of the issue. Here’s why: 1. I don’t like … Continue reading

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Taste of Maine: Whoopie Pies

Last week I was looking for some baking supplies in order to make Mei-mei’s birthday cake. I was surprised to discover that the bake shop had an entire display devoted to whoopie pies – right here in Småland, Sweden! I … Continue reading

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Taste of Sweden: Lakrits (licorice)

People in Sweden love their licorice. They have licorice flavored liquor, chocolate bars with bits of hard licorice candy mixed in, and licorice flavored gummis and Swedish fish. Many licorice candies are available in the different flavors of sweet, sour … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Gleek: they lost me at “surrender”

I’ve watched Glee from the first season. From the beginning I loved the snarky tongue-in-cheek writing. Remember that line about moving to San Francisco or New York or some other place where they eat vegetables that aren’t fried? Biting witticisms punctuated the … Continue reading

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Sweden’s Euphoric Soundtrack

Melodifestivalen is an annual singing competetion in which the people of Sweden select the singer and song that will represent the nation in that year’s Eurovision song contest. So, imagine an annual singing competition in which people who are generally … Continue reading

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