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My students are sending their papers to me via email and I just received my first one today. The paper seeks to offer a cultural sociological explanation for why peasant factory workers want overtime work and why they protest labor … Continue reading

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Missing home, being home

If you haven’t guessed, we’ve been shocked into silence. If our 10 months is China vaciliated between being exhilarating and exhausting, our first 12 days at home have encompassed the spectrum from fantasy to nightmare. Our last post announced the … Continue reading

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Blumenthal dies following Colo. cycling accident: Times Argus Online

Blumenthal dies following Colo. cycling accident: Times Argus Online.

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American Food 0, 中國菜 1

I thought that once we got home I would be in such a hurry to eat the foods that we could not get in China and to make use of the oven but, so far, it just hasn’t been that … Continue reading

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Final Thoughts

While I won’t be posting regularly from this point forward, I thought I’d share some initial thoughts about my return home from Guangzhou, China to Montpelier, Vermont. Environment: What is most striking about coming home is our natural and physical … Continue reading

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No place like home

We are home – a day and a half back into our Vermont life. The trip went well. We are fortunate to have children who are wonderful travelers. We are managing the jet-lag pretty well up to this point. Our … Continue reading

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Green Litigation in China

Aiming to use lawsuits more effectively to fight pollution and protect workers, Vermont Law School’s U.S.-China Partnership for Environmental Law has received a $1.5 million federal grant to establish China’s first public interest environmental law firm and expand a university-based … Continue reading

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