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Speaking Swedish, Valborg, Activities

This past weekend was the first in which Mei-mei and Jie-jie spontaneously played together in Swedish. They have been using Swedish with friends who don’t speak English for a few weeks and for the last week or so I’ve noticed … Continue reading

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Bridging and Bonding, correction

That last post was poorly written. This is what I was trying to say: 1. You could think of languages as creating connections between people (bridging) or strengthening existing connections between people (bonding). 2. Swedish, which is spoken primarily by … Continue reading

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Bridging and Bonding Languages

Sociologists sometimes distinguish between bridging and bonding social capital. Bridging capital  refers to the value of connections between heterogeneous people or groups and bonding capital refers to the value of within-group connections. These concepts seem straightforward but actually they are … Continue reading

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Cooling out and selling out

Jie-jie’s teacher tracked us down to find out if we had finished thinking over moving Jie-jie down a level. When we told her that Jie-jie was staying where she was, the teacher was clearly shocked. I don’t know if she … Continue reading

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Spring Crazies

Along with the month of May comes the usual parade of end of year dance recitals, youth concerts, field trips, etc. We are gearing up for the onslaught. In addition, one of my mentors from the U.S. will be here … Continue reading

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Sweden’s National Health Care

When I am talking to friends and family from home I am frequently asked about Sweden’s national health care. We haven’t had much interaction with the medical system yet but here is the skinny so far: Kids get free dental … Continue reading

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Culture Shock, Disco Edition

I have 4 post topics in the queue right now and only one of those speaks to the world of Swedish elementary school. So indulge me in this post and then I promise to move on to some other things … Continue reading

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