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Guilin and Yangshou

We have just returned from a wonderful trip to Guilin and Yangshou in China’s Guangxi Province. We visited Fubu and Elephant Hills in Guilin, then cruised the Li River to Yangshou where we saw the amazing Impressione Sanjie Liu Show … Continue reading

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The Road

I love you, Cormac McCarthy. You know I do, but “The Road” on film? Will anti-depressants be offered at the concession counter? Seeing that movie would be like seeing “The Pianist” 100 times with any uplifting moments excised while sitting … Continue reading

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On meat

Today I was glad to read in this New York Times article ( that some folks are taking the next logical step when it comes to claiming responsibility for their diets. The trend toward healthy and responsible eating is leading … Continue reading

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Jason and I watched the movie 2012 the other night. I feel the inclination to gripe a bit. 1. All living things on the planet are at risk of extinction due to a sudden sifting of the earth’s surface. You’ve … Continue reading

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Got Milk?

This past week Jie-jie came home from school talking (in Chinese) about niu nai. That’s (cow) milk, folks. When we first arrived in Beijing over the summer, the city was plastered with milk advertisements and we found the same ad … Continue reading

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Macau & Basketball

Much has occurred since I last posted. The kids’ health is much improved, so last weekend we went to Macau, one of China’s Special Administrative Regions under the “one country, two systems policy.” (The other is Hong Kong.) Macau, former … Continue reading

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Environmental Photo of the Day

I mentioned in an earlier post how dirty many of the facilities and public areas are in China. As promised, here is the photo of my older daughter’s feet.

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Old Man Winter

We are having a real cold snap. The current temperature (at 9 pm) is 45 and windy. Today we only got up to the mid 50s. The sun was out today which is an improvement over yesterday -a slightly warmer … Continue reading

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Not for better, just for worse.

Does a rising tide lift all boats? Does wealth really trickle down? These are some staple assumptions of the American economic system. However, U.S. data collected over the last 40 years, a period in which the U.S. economy experienced unprecedented … Continue reading

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We are in Macau for the weekend. It is so nice to have children who are well, and it is wonderful to finally be able to leave our junky apartment. It really isn’t terrible but when you spend 3 weeks … Continue reading

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