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So, we did indeed make mooncakes yesterday. Homemade adzuki (red bean) filling with cane sugar from the Chinese grocery in New Haven tasted great. We wrapped them in a dough recipe I got online. Then we stuffed them in the … Continue reading

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Multiculturalism, immigration and citizenship

I have just designed a new course syllabus for a seminar I’d like to teach on multicultural incorporation of immigrants and ethno-racial minorities. There is growing and important literature on this topic. Thought I’d post the readings here in the … Continue reading

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Chinese Kindergarten, part II

Last Saturday we had our second day at Chinese kindergarten. It was substantially better than the week before, but there are still some issues we need to overcome. When we arrived, we found an entire second class complete with about … Continue reading

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Engaging other cultures

Tomorrow is 中秋节 (Zhongqiu Jie), mid-Autumn Festival (a.k.a Moon Festival and Lantern Festival). This morning I visited Jie-jie’s kindergarten classroom to tell them about the festival, read a book about it and make some paper lanterns. On the whole the … Continue reading

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11 months ago I wrote a post about culture shock and how, at that time, I was struggling with my immersion in Chinese culture. I believe that by the end of my time in China I had developed a modicum … Continue reading

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Acquiescence or Liminality

One of the things I have been wondering of late is why I feel so strongly about helping the kids maintain their language ability and, in general, staying connected to Guangzhou. Some folks have suggested to me that I might … Continue reading

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Randon tidbits

1. In wrestling with the cold school lunch problem, I have acquired two thermoses and decided to take inspiration from the world of (bento see, for example, Not that I have the time or inclination to make the amazingly … Continue reading

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An uphill battle…

Today was the first day of lessons at Vermont Chinese School. After our registration session a couple of weeks ago we had pretty high hopes. We arrived at the school and met the principal. We spoke to him in Chinese … Continue reading

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Discovering the China in New Haven

I am in New Haven t0day. It is amazing how just a little bit of Chinese is enough to make me feel happy, a bit teary and homesick – but not really homesick. It is a strange kind of feeling, … Continue reading

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American Kindergarten and Chinese School

The kids start Chinese School in Burlington this week. We’ll see how it goes. When we went to register them we were pleasantly surprised to be the only non-native-Chinese-speaking parents. I get the sense that Saturday classes are more likely … Continue reading

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