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Read My New Article: Disciplined to Diversity

Disciplined to diversity: learning the language of multiculturalism Author: Andrea Voyer – ANDREA VOYER is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Cultural Sociology at Yale University   Abstract This study shows that contemporary multiculturalism is a cultural referent used … Continue reading

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Back home, sort of

We are back in Sweden after another day in Tallinn and another overnight cruise. Tallinn is great if a bit kitsch. I must say that I enjoyed the cruise a bit less on the return trip – in part because … Continue reading

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Livrustkammaren, The Baltic Queen and Tallinn, Estonia

Sorry for the long absence. Things have been busy on this side of the Atlantic. Wednesday Jason and I headed back into the Gamla Stan. We ate lunch at the chokladkoppen – a little place in the old city that … Continue reading

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A real, live Princess.

Today we took the kids into Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s original town. I really enjoy it over there. It is touristy, to be sure, but I have always found the narrow streets and old buildings of the old city quarters of … Continue reading

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managing the language issue in Sweden

When I first traveled in Sweden 12 years ago, it was the first time that I had visited a country where I couldn’t even make an attempt to speak the language. I felt considerable guilt about the whole thing – … Continue reading

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A dream denied

I learned this morning that the elementary school’s application for the Chinese Teacher Guest Program was denied. So, it turns out that I wasted my time writing the proposal and that I will have no need for help fundraising, etc. … Continue reading

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Inequality 101

I covered inequality 101 with the children this afternoon. It went like this: We were playing a baby version of memory, only 6 matches (12 plush tiles). Jie-jie wasn’t really paying attention during the first game (which only lasted for … Continue reading

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Fair Stockholm

Today the sun broke through the clouds and it warmed up to a temperature above freezing. It’s a good thing because yesterday it became clear that the kids had completed plumbed the toy resources available to them here – which … Continue reading

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Flunking out of Chinese School (intro to the book based on the blog)

I sit at a desk, balancing a focus on my book with limited attention to the teacher leading the class next door. She is drilling them on their characters.  I look up when I hear her call, “Ai-te.” That is … Continue reading

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The Sounds of Silence

I think that there are a couple of things that contribute to a lack of posting on my part. The first is when there is not much going on and I am so immersed in the mundane aspects of my … Continue reading

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