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The Environment in Everday Life – China Edition

In terms of research here in China, I’ve been focusing on environmental issues in everyday life. I’ve begun a campaign to take a photo whenever I see a public health or environmental quality issue. Two photos I wish I had … Continue reading

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Just noticing…

Early in our stay we were obligated to get medical examinations. As required of Chinese schoolchildren annually, Jie Jie later had a similar but less involved examination. The examination was interesting. Instead of having an appointment with a doctor, you … Continue reading

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A New Equilibrium

One of my long-time concerns, especially since having children, is establishing a “balanced” life. One often thinks of balance in terms of dichotomies (e.g. work/family) when in fact balance is really a multi-dimensional, not a two-dimensional, thing. Where will I … Continue reading

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An IP Lawyer’s Dream

There is much in China for an environmental lawyer to think about. But if you’re an IP lawyer, you may love the legal/illegal quirks of Information Technology in China…50 cent DVD of movies that just premiered in the U.S., $1 … Continue reading

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Looking Up

I spent the last few days devouring what English-language books I could easily procure (A Wrinkle in Time, Paper Families, The Silver Castle), visiting the campus parks with Mei Mei to hang out with all the grandparents who tend the … Continue reading

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The Weather has taken a wonderful turn…

The weather here in GZ is now quite nice. In the 80s with a cool breeze.

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China & The Environment: A Preliminary View

OK, it’s time to state the obvious. The air quality and the general natural environment in China’s urban areas is poor—very poor. It’s terrible in Beijing, very poor in GZ, and getting worse by the day in Hong Kong. (The … Continue reading

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Culture Shock

*Note: I should get come citations for this post but if I have time to do that, then I really should be working on my manuscript. You can take my word for it or google “intercultural development culture shock Bennett” … Continue reading

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Climate Change & Kiribati

A big benefit of being in Asia is lot you learn a lot about Asian geography and learn to better understand the advantages/disadvantages of certain climate zones, locations, etc. But this nugget is quite sad: In 2008, officials of Kiribati, … Continue reading

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It’s Work to be in GZ

Today we went to the Chen Clan Academy in GZ, a preserved, historical, and large former dwelling of a very well off Guangdong family. It was spectacularly beautiful, as was the art inside. It will certainly be part of the … Continue reading

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