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Today I am THAT parent

Dear (Teachers), Thank you for the hard work you do teaching our child… An issue arose when she was working on the heritage assignment due Friday. I wanted to let you know about this issue so (child) is not penalized … Continue reading

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Comparative Multiculturalism Research Network

After a great session at ASA 2012, several people talked increasing communication among people studying multiculturalism. I finally get the first step off the ground. The Comparative Multiculturalisms listserve: A listserve for those studying multicultural projects in a variety of social … Continue reading

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Real Multiculturalism

Looking for a fun time in Denver this August? What could be better than stopping by my session in the 2012 American Sociological Association Annual Meeting? Sun, Aug 19 – 8:30am – 10:10am Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities Invited … Continue reading

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The meaning of Swedishness

As I wrote earlier, ethno-cultural Swedishness appears to be protected from visibility and discussion by an emphasis on social membership as conceived in procedural terms (you vote, you work, you pay your taxes, you use the services you help pay … Continue reading

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Blame it on The Game Of Thrones and a World without Borders

Sorry for the silence. I downloaded the  kindle version of the first 4 books of Game of Thrones. As explained previously, I like to binge when it comes to reading for pleasure. I have a pile of more than 20 … Continue reading

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Incorporation and the State

In a recent post I talked a bit about my model of incorporation as solidarity. This week I’ve been doing a lot of writing about the model and I’ve also been doing a lot of reading about immigration and multiculturalism … Continue reading

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Sportslovet 2012: 5 Countries in 11 Days

This weekend marks the beginning of Southern Swedens Sportslov – the week-long winter Sports Holiday. I get the impression that you are supposed to go skiing but we will be using the school-free week to exploit our rail access to … Continue reading

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A cultural sociology of multicultural incorporation

I think my presentation at Stockholms Universitetet went well. There was a good crowd there and folks seemed engaged and open to the work I presented. Basically I’m trying to extract a theory of incorporation from my particular study. I … Continue reading

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food and society

A few food observations from Sweden (I know I need to write some real blog posts but this will have to suffice for now): 1. Falafel is the new pizza. I have never seen so much falafel. Even the Swedish … Continue reading

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Characterizing heterogeneity

I am trying to improve chapter 6. In the book I argue that there is a multicultural epistemological orientation and praxis that 1: provide a definition of moral/civic community that can include diverse newcomers and characterize new groups as worthy … Continue reading

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